When business management guru Tom Peters (author of the classic In Search of Excellence) turns the home page of his Web site into a blog… well, you kinda wonder if blogs aren’t going mainstream. Or at least corporate.

The latest issue of Peters’ e-newsletter had this to say about blogifying his site: “We created a blog on our home page because we felt that a lot of our content was buried deep in the site. We also have a lot to say about the new world of work… we care about passion, leadership, communication, branding, creative destruction, re-imagining, off-shoring, women, boomers, design, education, technology, cool projects, cooler people, and work that makes a difference.”

Slap me if you want. But this is purple prose. Eegads, Tom. Tone it down a bit. Or tell your team of editors to take a deep breath… Thanks to Jean Stafford for a pointer to Peters’ new site.