Tom Peters has nailed it when it comes to selling his value/expertise with FREE stuff. Poke around his Web site (it’s built on blog software) and you’ll be amazed at how much content is free. It’s awfully clever if you think about it. Peters is making the big bucks through his consulting and speaking gigs. By freely distributing PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and Word docs he’s doing cost-free viral marketing. For example:

Download all of Tom Peters’ slide presentations (going back to 1999)

– Download a 187-page Word doc containing all his blog posts from July, 2004 through January, 2005 (look in the right-hand column where it says “Download files FREE!!!”

– Download his Re-imagine Manifesto (12-page PDF)

Here’s the kicker… For those who want even more, he’s bundled his slides with his speaker notes and you can download them for a small fee ($5). Visit his Wow! store.