One of the things I emphasize when talking to clients is that RSS feeds don’t need to be tied to a blog, per se. They can deliver any kind of content or information from your site.

Here’s the neatest idea I’ve seen to date: Tom Peters offers an RSS feed for his Free Stuff. The feed alerts you to new additions to downloadable content from his site – PowerPoint slides, PDFs of his favorite sayings, blog postings, etc.

His Free Stuff page cheerfully lays out the ground rules:

The documents listed here include a number of Tom’s most inspiring
messages. And they’re all absolutely free. Download, print, discuss,
dissect, and disseminate to your heart’s content. We ask only that you
not alter the files, claim them as your own work, or charge for their

If you’re looking for a new online marketing idea, steal this one!

And a reminder, you need an RSS reader in order to subscribe to the feed. Try Bloglines or My Yahoo! Or (my new favorite) NetNewsWire for Mac. This is the URL you need to paste into your reader: