Amazon_6_maktg_sales_080306_1400h This is too cool. It’s 3 PM Eastern on the official release day. Right now The Corporate Blogging Book is at #6 on Amazon’s Business / Marketing & Sales list, right above Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Sales Answers and Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid.

Amazon_59_business_after_wisf_080306_150 To continue the game (the rankings fluctuate hour by hour; there’s an algorithm behind them), TCBB is #59 in Amazon top Business books, right behind Tom Friedman’s The World Is Flat and Jack & Susie Welch’s Winning.

Will my book stay in such august company? Unlikely. But what the heck.

P.S. Yes this is fun

In case you wandered into the party a little late, today is publicaton day. Yes, my book is shipping now from Amazon. Got my notification that the copy I ordered for overnight delivery will be here tomorrow. (Just testing.) Now about that glass of wine… it sounds better than Diet Coke.