I sat next to Adam Curry at lunch. Totally clueless… didn’t know he’s FAMOUS. Most notably as ex-MTV VJ. So there I am saying stupid things about actress Demi Moore and her 25-year-old boyfriend and how “obscene” (yes, I used that word) it is for them to be in a relationship. And Adam turns to me and says very politely that his wife is 15 years older than he is and what’s wrong with that?

Let me stop here and describe this guy: Tall, lean, dressed tip-to-toe in black. Spiky, tousled just-so blonde hair. All in all, very attractive. And his wife is older than I am?!

Meanwhile, A-list blogger Halley Suitt is sitting on my other side and I can feel her shooting me funny looks. Slowly it sinks in. I lean forward and ask Adam, “Are you famous?”

Gracious to the core, he responds in a bit of a mumble. I’m not going to admit to you that I’ve never watched MTV. Not even once. That would be too pathetic. Well, maybe I glanced at the screen if one of my kids was watching and I was walking past.

Anyway, Adam flew in from Europe for BlogCon. He lives and blogs (in both English and Dutch) in Belgium with his wife and daughter. He’s considered something of a “techno-prophet.” He made a wonderful comment on the panel after lunch: “For me blogs are just a tool and about as revolutionary as a telephone. Which was first used to call and tell you a telegram was on the way.” Touche.

How do you make that accent symbol??