Let me preface this by saying it’s in the SS-CD department (shameless self-congratulation department). But I’m reprinting these nice reviews for a reason: both make the point that my book is readable. (From another reader: I got so engrossed I nearly missed my meeting.) A business book that’s fun to read?! Hey, I take that as high praise.

I really did write the book for the reluctant manager who doesn’t
want to be dragged into this blogging thing and who wants to be
entertained a bit, as well as informed. If it’s not you, it’s a colleague or your boss, right?!

If you don’t have your copy yet, for heaven’s sake go to Amazon right now. Or visit your nearest Borders, Barnes & Noble or other major bookseller and ask for The Corporate Blogging Book – Penguin Portfolio (218 pages).

A review from One by One Media’s Jim Turner:

The book is honest, passionate, informative, personal and warm with its
approach to teaching corporate blogging.  I didn’t expect anything else
from [Debbie].  She sits down with a cup of coffee and invites you to join
her as she captivates you gently.  She cares about the reader and does
not write in a pedantic fashion like some experts, but knows her
audience and leads them down the road by the hand.  I intend to send
all of my client’s this book as a gift and not because I’m acknowledged
in the back, but for the pure joy of knowing that when they read it
they will be well informed.

Read the whole review here.

Full disclosure: Jim is a fellow contributor to Business Blog Consulting. And from another talented blogger, Kip Meacham. Kip is the RSSPundit and also producer of’s Utah Voices:

“I loved the conversational and organic nature of the book. Debbie’s depth of experience – combined with her impeccable research and flawless writing style – make for reading that’s insightful and well-toned. Practicing the blogosphere adage that “content is king,” Debbie’s prose is simply first-rate! This is very compelling writing with lots of great, practical advice which I can execute.

Nicely done, Debbie! You are a blogging rock star! I’ll be dying to read
your next one!” – Kip Meacham

Read Kip’s review here.