That’s according to a front page story today in the New York Times: Law Barring Junk E-Mail Allows a Flood Instead (requires free registration.) Since the federal CAN-Spam Act was passed one year ago, spam (aka unsolicited junk email) has risen to “perhaps 80 percent” of all emails sent, according to the article. Ugh… that’s one reason I’ve all but abandoned Outlook and my “wordbiz” (domain name-based) email addresses. I just can’t bear the time suck of wading through hundreds of spam messages daily. And yes I’ve tried every kind of spam filter – from the server level to my Outlook inbox (which has two different filters). Call me an email klutz if you will. But I don’t care… Here’s why:

1.) Gmail rocks.

2.) Blogs and RSS are a better publishing and communications strategy.

3.) Oh, and the phone. If you really want to reach me, just call. Direct is +1 202.364.5705.