Update: I’ve just received my invite. Im member #505 of Seth Godin’s Triiibe on Ning. Not sure why there are three “i’s” but looks good.

You’ve got until 11 AM Eastern July 30, 2008. Follow Seth’s instructions here. As I understand it, you need to pre-order his new book: Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, to be published in October. Forward the email receipt to him. Then wait for your exclusive invite. As always with Seth, this is clever. Scarcity creates urgency: gotta have it! Hope I get one…

As he explains it:

This online community will live on a site we’ve created that will feature blogs, forums, social networking, comments, photos, videos and a job board. And it’s by invitation only until October. Spots are limited and early members get privileges and bragging rights.

Members get a password and the privilege of meeting each other, posting thoughts, connecting to big ideas or projects and more. The site will include excerpts from the book as well as a chance to contribute to a new jointly-authored ebook, with full credit and links to the contributors. The contents of the tribe forum won’t be posted to the public until October, so it’s really the only way to participate until then.

Seth Godin (July 29, 2008)