Interesting quote from the Jan. 5 Online Publisher’s Association’s newsletter (thanks to Anne Zieger for passing this along):

“In many ways 2003 was the year of the blogger, with weblogs taking center stage as a new and powerful publishing medium offering a voice and methodology for enabling individuals to communicate to broad audiences very effectively at little or no cost. But for all of their importance in 2003, there were very limited breakthroughs in weblogging as a business model.

Expect this to change in 2004 as key events unfold in general and professional news circles that are picked up first and foremost by independent voices that find their ways via weblogs and other technologies into the general flow of content services on an attributed basis. Some of these new voices will have institutional sponsorship, but many will begin to form their own collaborative alliances that guarantee both content independence and a new level of editorial authority unimpeded by existing business models.”

– John Blossom, Shore Communications