It really just boils down to that. Even non-geeks will begin to understand, I think. For example, digital cameras – almost ubiquitous now – mean uploading to your computer, then uploading to Flickr or your blog, etc. That’s what “creating Web content” means, if you’ve been puzzling over the phrase. It all just flows together. As Doc Searls put it in his opening remarks yesterday at the Syndicate conference in San Francisco:

“The biggest fact about the live Web: individuals are in charge. The
group we used to call consumers are now producers. The demand side is
supplying itself. Dealing with that fact, and taking advantage of it,
is the biggest challenge and opportunity for everybody who wants to
succeed in the live Web.”

Wish I could be at the conference. Sounds fab. Hey, Doc. Say hi to Jonathan Schwartz from me! I’ve emailed back and forth with him for an interview for The Corporate Blogging Book (see Hugh Macleod’s cartoon). But haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with him in person.

Ask Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems’ President & COO)

Ask Jonathan about the ROI of blogging by a top exec or CEO. Assuming it can’t be measured precisely, how do you justify the time it takes to write a thoughtful blog, which he does?