Debbie Weil works with a limited number of clients who need an e-newsletter or home page audit, help in evaluating an email vendor, or review and editing of the copy and content formula on their site or email program.  Give her a call. She’d love to help you improve your sales and lead conversion.  Her recent clients include a management consulting firm, a non-profit advocacy group, and a leading U.S. university.  What clients are saying about working with Debbie:    In addition to coming up with a content formula that really works for us, Debbie was a great sounding board and provided wonderful direction. She’s also a great editor. She never hesitated to give me her unbiased opinion as we went through the many steps to launch our newsletter. I highly recommend WordBiz e-newsletter consulting services.  Tina Behnke, VP Marketing AirPac, Inc. (manufacturer and distributor)    In addition to powerful B2B copywriting, the strategic counsel Debbie offered by phone was invaluable. It was like having a savvy marketing colleague I could brainstorm with any time – from email marketing strategy to what makes a great “offer.”  Justin Souter, Director of Marketing Art & Logic (software engineering)    Debbie offers a rare combination. She thinks like an Internet business strategist and writes like an online marketing pro. She gets it.  Lisa Martin, President, LeapFrog Solutions, Inc. (marketing communications)    Debbie’s work resulted in a very professional and corporate look to our Web site. Her work on our email campaigns resulted in very high click-throughs rates and conversion to registration. She was able to quickly grasp our business model and our value proposition and communicate that effectively in all her copywriting.  Asad Haroon, Director of Online Marketing, (B2B marketplace for surplus assets)  What Seth Godin Says About Debbie Weil and WordBiz If you’re in the business of selling (or even giving away!) your words, you’ve got to pay attention to Debbie Weil and WordBiz. Anything else is malpractice!  Seth Godin, author of “Permission Marketing” and originator of the concept of permission email marketing