China_blogtour_logo I’m writing (or trying to write) a short introduction for the Mandarin Chinese edition of The Corporate Blogging Book – to be published in a few months.

I’ve got some interesting stats and commentary on the Chinese blogosphere from the folks at Edelman (who not coincidentally are sponsoring my October China Blogging Tour with Philippe Borremans).

Corporate blogs in China?

I’m looking for more specifics: what companies (Chinese or multi-nationals) have corporate or organizational blogs? By that I mean, either multi-author corporate blogs like the Google China Blog or CEO blogs like that of Sam Flemming, CEO of Shanghai-based CIC.

If you can suggest other China-based or China focussed corporate blogs (in English or Chinese), I’d love to check them out. Or if you know of the definitive list, please point me to it. Thanks!

Useful Links

Download Chapter 1 of The Corporate Blogging Book in Chinese.

Download Edelman’s January 2007 “A Corporate Guide to the Global Blogosphere.” (This is a large PDF file.)