My mother is one of the smartest people I know. She is not, however, a fan of the Web or the Internet. To my knowledge, she’s never read a single issue of my newsletter, WordBiz Report, for fear that her computer might get a virus should she open the email.

After reading yesterday’s posts (which I alerted her to), she sent the following note: “Debbie, I enjoyed your piece on 9/11 and congratulations on getting mentioned in the Washington Post. To my dismay I got into your blogs and I can’t imagine what a smart and capable person like you is doing engaging in this infantile and boring activity. love, mom.”

Hmmm… well, I suppose anything your mother says to you has a grain of truth in it.

Mom, I hope you’ll give blogging another chance. And I’ll try not to be boring.

P.S. What do YOU think? Is blogging “infantile and boring”? C’mon, lemme have it. Don’t hold back if that’s what you’re really thinking…