Lots. Exactly how this new law will affect legitimate e-newsletter publishers is not entirely clear. Tune in to a JIT (just in time) teleseminar to learn what changes you may need to make in your From and Subject lines, your sign-up process, your unsubscribes, overlapping databases, list rental, 3rd-party ads in your newsletter, solo email blasts – and more.

Sherpa’s CAN-SPAM Guidance Teleseminar is a must-attend event. Mark your calendar now for Thursday, January 15; 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM London. Learn more and register here. Hope you’ll join me; I’ll be listening in!

You also get a transcript, an audio CD and a Recommendations Report.

Download the CAN-SPAM Act (a 21-page PDF) from the Sherpa site.