Top 8 Tips for Corporate Blogging in 2008 

2008tips2.gif2008 will be the year of corporate blogging. By that I mean we're entering the era of Corporate Blogging 2.0. The question is no longer “what is a blog?” It's how do we do this so it works for us and our audience? Are you ready? Get my Top 8 Tips for Corporate Blogging in 2008

China Blogging Tour 

beijing_forbiddenstarbucks_101807.jpg l spent two weeks in Beijing and Shanghai last fall where I spoke about CEO & corporate blogging. Edelman sponsored my tour to mark the publication in Mandarin Chinese of The Corporate Blogging Book.  Read my wrap-up Q & A黛碧薇

How & why to add video to your blog

youtube_mini.jpgVideo is the new “it” tool (as in “it girl”) of social media. Get step-by-step instructions. Your blog will soon be sooo 2006 2007 if it's not multimedia. Continue reading…

Have you RSS'd yourself?

RSS_feed-icon-48x48.gifThis is not an exercise in vanity. It's your no-cost, real-time way of monitoring the blogosphere and then engaging where appropriate. Continue reading…

Do you need a CEO Blogging Coach?

Bill Gates does. Get the scoop…