This is hilarious… well, funny. It’s a master list of Top 10 wise comments you can “paste in” to your blog to sound like you’re plugged in and part of the blogging cognoscenti. Most of the blognoscenti are opining the same thing… about the importance – or non-importance – of blogging as a phenomenon. About whether blogs replace traditional PR, etc. So pick from the list and you’ll sound just fine.

The list is written for PR practitioners. But I guarantee you’ll find it useful. A sampling:

1) Stop saying PR is dead. My CEO might cut my budget again.

2) Any
company that hasn’t implemented a blog by December 31, 2005 at midnight
will suddenly lose all ability to function. They should hire blog
consultants to avoid this catastrophe. (For background material, see archival information on the Y2K crisis.)

3) Don’t believe that blogs will solve all problems.

I’m sorry I made the comment in my previous post. The person mentioned
never did what I said they did, and has every right to beat me


Hat tip to Doc Searls for the link. And to Eric Eggertson for being clever. (Of course, add “hat tip” to your blogging lexicon.)

Oh, and the master list continues here. It’s on a Wiki so anyone can add to it.