Kudos to the always clever Eric Kintz over at HP for his creative blog entry (and illustration at left), rounding up pronouncements about blogging from a handful of marketing experts: blogging vs. PR vs. corporate communications (adversaries or peacefully coexisting?); the new blogger influencers at the end of The Long Tail; the blogosphere is beginning to be a “must” in integrated marketing;  customer “intimacy” (a blog) vs. your 1-800 number (is there a disconnect?); etc.

I shouldn’t be a bad sport but I can’t help but be a bit annoyed that his little “club” of experts is all male. Eric, uh, the blogosphere (and even the corporate blogosphere) is a very multi- place. Multi-opinion, multi-perspective, multi-nationality, multi-gender. Too bad that wasn’t reflected in your entry, Why Blogging Matters.