I’m listening to a session on blog design at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco and bringing this to you live… Here’s a great tidbit from Boeing Web designer Chris Brownrigg on why Boeing’s much talked about blog is called Randy’s Journal:
“Because they (management) were uncomfortable with the term blog.”
Chris wisely got around that decision by giving the blog the following
page title: “Boeing Blog: Randy’s Journal.” Better for search results
when you type in “Boeing blog.” Take a look when you click through.

The (dreaded… or anticipated) blogging phone call

Chris was given 48 hours to design and launch the blog for Boeing VP Randy Baseler
after getting “the blogging phone call.” Audience members nodded at
this. Seems both managers and techies are getting “the call” from top
management to “get into this blog thing.” Uninitiated into the ways of
the blogosphere, he dove into the project by looking at the code behind
lots of other blogs. He settled on Movable Type as the software platform. Posted a mock-up of the proposed blog here. Comments and other blog features were subsequently added after readers protested.

I love this inside glimpse of how a corporate blog gets launched…
shows how it’s very much a joint effort between management and the Web

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