First, because Seth is so damn smart. He talks like he blogs… in long coherent riffs that are sprinkled with lots of specific examples based on brand name companies. The guy really does his homework. Or he’s got a mind like a steal trap and remembers everything he’s read. Anyway, I had the good fortune to attend his all-day workshop last week in New York City as a guest of Conference Calls Unlimited. The event was run by Gazelles, an executive development program, and took place in a funky loft on Canal Street. About 30 folks attended, virtually all of them white male CEOs of off-line companies. Only three women. An interesting crowd because they don’t spend their days immersed in the Internet and they’re dealing with non-cool B2B customers. Still, a lot of the same concepts apply. Seth talked about “being remarkable” and “digital augmentation” and “smooth ideas” and how “there is no truth but there IS authenticity and consistency.” But it’s his quirks I like best: 1.) You don’t get any handouts; no binder or even stapled sheets 2.) You’re not allowed to take notes 3.) He answers his cell (set to ring like a real phone) while he’s presenting, interrupting himself and scarcely missing a beat… “Yes, hi, yes. You can deliver lunch now. OK, here’s my credit card number…” 4.) He serves what many folks would consider weird food… Sushi and Indian. Platters and platters of it. 5.) He hands out weird prizes like a fez hat (from Archie McPhee) if you ask a question 6.) Finally, he ran out in the afternoon to scoop up a bunch of snacks for us from Canal Street. He knows what’s important… good cookies. Fun and provocative and new, even though I attended a similar workshop in his loft last June.