Front-page article in today’s USA Today (I’m quoted!) says CEOs refuse to get tangled up in messy blogs. Steve Rubel makes two points about the story: 1. It can be more effective to have a lower-level employee blog “from the gut” of a company and 2. Only a few CEO bloggers are “naturals.” For example, Mark Cuban, Bob Liodice, Alan Meckler and Bob Lutz. I left Steve the following comment:

Great point that some CEOs are “naturals” who can “blog from the gut.”
Makes me wonder if they’re also exceptionally good communicators
offline. I.e. genuine, straight, no bullshit. And if “good blogging”
can be taught to senior execs for whom it doesn’t come naturally.
Waddya think?? – DW

Addendum: didn’t notice at first that I was quoted in the USAToday article. I spoke with reporter Del Jones weeks ago but had forgotten about it. (In fact, I gave him the names of most of the high-profile exec bloggers he mentions.)  Quote is about half way down, in the paragraph where Warren Buffett’s name is highlighted: “Corporate blogging consultant Debbie Weil says there’s an untapped opportunity for an early CEO adopter with the right touch… ” And then further on: “I would be really disappointed to think that CEOs couldn’t blog,” Weil
says. “But it is a lot more difficult for a CEO to be that open.” … wouldn’t it be cool if Buffett had a blog?