To get found on Google, of course! That’s according to an article in today’s Washington Post.

Used to be he didn’t like the hodge podge of results he saw when he googled his name. He wanted to control what came up first in a search on “Ted Leonsis.”

So like any plugged-in guy, he started blogging.* Lo and behold, seems he’s kinda addicted. He appears to blog Monday through Friday on many weeks. I just visited Ted’s Take and it’s rather good. He’s got a nice, easy, economical writing style. (Ted, do you write it yourself?)

And yes, if you google Ted Leonsis, his blog comes up second, right after his official AOL bio. Take a look for yourself; the blog makes for much better reading.

An oversight

Although Ted started blogging in January 2006, I just added his blog to my CEO blog list.

Useful Link

For Ted Leonsis, a Quest to Find Himself Faster Online (Washington Post, Nov. 3, 2006)