I’ve just spend 2 hours updating my Bloglines account with a bunch of RSS feeds I want to stay on top of. And I’m still not finished. And frankly this was a procrastination tactic to avoid cleaning up the piles of paper in my office. So here I am at 4 PM with an office that is still a mess… and an RSS newsreader that’s still missing dozens of blogs I want to read.

So either I’m a klutz when it comes to adding .rdf URLs to Bloglines (yes, I’m using their “instant submit” tool) or… RSS is not going to simplify my life. First it was an overflowing inbox. Now it’s an overstuffed Bloglines account with “recently updated” links calling out to be read. At least there’s no spam. But there are still too many choices. Exciting in a way. But also overwhelming. Do you agree?? Would love to hear your comments below. Just click the link and fire away.

Oh, and if you’re curious here’s my Bloglines feed list. Consider it a work in progress.

Useful Link: RSS isn’t simple by John Maeda of MIT’s Media Lab