Wombat2_speaker_120x150 It’s hard to keep up with the folks at WOMMA (Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association). A blizzard of announcements, blog posts and e-newsletters is coming out of their Chicago headquarters in preparation for WOMBAT-2 (Word of Mouth Basic Training) to be held in San Francisco June 20 – 21.

I’m excited to be one of their speakers (I’m moderating a panel on, you guessed it, Great Corporate Blogs). And if you have any interest in the umbrella marketing strategy of WOM (word-of-mouth, viral, buzz and blog marketing) you gotta be there too! (Use this secret discount code to save $100 – “debbiesentme” – when you register at www.womma.org/wombat2.No, I don’t get anything out of it.)

Whether or not you attend, spend some time poking around the WOMBAT-2 blog/site to see what WOMMA is serving up as useful content / information / resources to market the event. It’s a case study itself on how to do it right. A few of the ingredients: