That's the essence of a Web log, according to Blogger exec Jason Shellen, who gave a great keynote at ClickZ's June 2003 Weblog Conference. He's Associate Program Manager of Blogger (just acquired by Google and one of the most commonly used tools to create blogs). 

WRITE: you “blog” your thought or commentary and post or publish it through a Web-based tool like Blogger or Movable Type (which I'm using).

READ: once it's published everyone can read it.

CONNECT: You want as many people as possible to read your blog post. But you also want lots of them to COMMENT on your entry. This is where blogging becomes an ongoing, public conversation.

It's much more interactive than sending out an e-newsletter. If one of your newsletter readers responds to you, no one else can read the feedback. In the blogosphere, everybody's input counts. One blog post can spark a thread of conversation through dozens of other Web logs. Try it! Leave a comment below.