One of the ways to sharpen your writing chops is to parody another author. I’m interested in improving my skills at creative nonfiction so I’ve been reading John McPhee. Here’s my little parody, based on a Japanese sumi-e art class I’ve been taking in Maine this summer:

“The road to the art studio dipped and turned between the dark green stands of fir and spruce trees, just as the eye travels in an S curve through the landscape of a Japanese brush painting. It was a foggy morning and the dense whitish light obscured the sky and the horizon, drifting down to the road. Driving through the fog was curiously soothing, though it required caution. Pulling a wide Hake brush loaded with ink across textured rice paper also required careful attention. It was equally satisfying.”
– Debbie Weil

Yes, that’s my sumi-e painting above. I’m a rank beginner.