If you've already created your avatar in Second Life and are regularly teleporting yourself from island to island, no need to read on. If you haven't, it's time to take your first step into this virtual reality environment. Yes, there's a business application. The equivalent of US $1 million changed hands inside Second Life during the past 24 hours. This was for the buying and selling of real estate, constructing buildings, for clothes, accessories and other stuff.

I recently spent several hours with a business colleague who kindly showed me around.

Shopping for a new dress

monalisa_arcadia_122806_1.jpgKalisten VanDornan (aka Katin Imes) took me in hand for my second trip into Second Life. Quite the gentleman, he took me shopping to find some new clothes. The original outfit I created was just awful (jeans and an ugly top.) We teleported to Victoria City in Caledon and then to Information Island. He also invited me to join the Tesla Society (I accepted). Seems to be folks wandering about in 19th century attire.

Yes, I spent some money

About US $4 – to buy my red dress and bonnet. And no that doesn't look like me, above. But what the heck. (Apparently it's an advanced skill to make your avatar look like you.)


Still waddling instead of walking

I'm still waddling instead of walking, I can barely make it through doorways and up stairs. But sorta getting the hang of controlling my avatar.


I'm not hooked on Second Life yet

As to whether I'm hooked on spending time (as well as Linden Dollars) in Second Life, hmmm… not yet.

Oh and my name is MonaLisa Arcadia if you're looking for me in 2L. Next up, a visit to Crayonville to find Neville Hobson et al.

P.S. How to look at yourself head-on

There's  a trick to looking at yourself head-on, as in the snapshot of my avatar above. Normally you only see your backside, which I find a bit disconcerting.

On a Mac, you hit the Option button. It brings up a little “plus” sign on the back of your avatar's head. Then you use your mouse to “revolve” the space you're in around yourself.

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