Remember the corporate blogging inflection point I was blabbing about a few days ago? It’s here! In the past few weeks, Verizon launched a PoliBlog.

Wells Fargo‘s new student loan blog seems to be  picking up steam. It’s got some great info in it, BTW. The latest entry, which should be of interest to parents as well as students, is titled: Student loan or home equity financing? (Good keywords too.)

And now there’s a new public blog for Intel.* It looks good so far. Nice design (easy to find the “about this blog” and “about the bloggers” links, etc.) and it’s quite well written. This is another multiple author blog.

*Intel’s famous internal CEO blog penned by Paul Otellini is coming up on its second anniversary. As far as I know, it’s still going. I don’t have any details. Does anyone have an update??