zane_safrit.jpgAnother great show with CEO blogger Zane Safrit (full disclosure: his company, Conference Calls Unlimited, is one of our loyal sponsors).  We talked about the growing phenomenon of CEO blogs and what – or whether – to post in a crisis.

Specifically, we zeroed in on JetBlue‘s David Neeleman who has apparently been moved to tears over the plight of his stranded passengers due to a severe winter storm. But (as of Feb. 20, 2007 when this show aired) hadn’t posted a word to his blog in almost three weeks.

I asked Zane a bunch of questions: what is the responsibility – if any – of a top exec to communicate to customers, the media and other stakeholders through an established blog? Is it too much to ask in the middle of a firestorm? Or is it the obvious thing to do?

We also talked about radio vs. podcasts vs. online video. And Zane offered up his Top Three Tips for Blogging (with which I heartily concur):

1. Start blogging today (forget the nine-month project plan; you don’t need it).

2. Blog three times a week. 

3. Be honest. 

Listen to the Feb. 20. 2007 show or download the MP3 file to your desktop. 

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