Beware… Businesses Entering the Blogosphere

Here's where it gets interesting.

The blogosphere is the relatively small universe of “first wave” bloggers who have driven the phenomenon thus far.

Now along comes BUSINESS wanting to jump onto this bandwagon of unfettered, human, real-time communication.

Hey (it's dawned on the business world in…

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Attributes of a Good Blog

The great thing about blogs is that you can dole out manageable chunks of content and not overwhelm your audience. Well, I'm choking.

I've got 17 pages of notes and I want to tell you everything plus (let's be honest here) give you my spin on it. This…

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Um, How Much Is Your E-Book in £‘s

Most useful comment I picked up yesterday at the annual NEPA conference here in Washington DC was from a senior UK publisher of business information.

“Americans don't get it when it comes to marketing products online to Europeans,” he said (very politely, BTW). “If you want us…

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Long vs. Short Copy

The endless debate…

People don't read on the Web. Yes, they do. If it interests them.

So which works better in sales or promotional copy online – long or short?

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Best Practices

Quick tip: use lots of white space in the HTML layout of your e-newsletter. Follow this link to download a presentation I made about killer content for e-newsletters to the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers' Association annual meeting on June 1, 2003.

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