Authentic Vs. Candid

In the 2nd anniversary issue of WordBiz Report I included a note to readers that opined: “Authenticity is key. And by that I mean authentic voice. I often struggle to find just the right tone. When I do, you respond. You even…

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Martin Roell has a great idea: Blog Headhunters. If it’s true that serious (and seriously regarded) bloggers are smart, articulate and clued in, then what better place to look for a valuable new employee than in the blogosphere. Canadian blogger Sebastian Paquet (whose focus is KS or knowledge…

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Est-ce que c’est le email ou le courriel? Have you heard that the French government has banned the use of the word “email” (too American) in official documents? Instead, the phrase “courrier electronique” or courriel for short is to be used. I checked in with Renan Ayrault, a…

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If you haven’t stumbled across it already, be sure to sign up for the new I-Blog discussion list that’s part of Up2Speed. What a great idea. Heck, wish I’d thought of it myself. Rick Bruner is moderating it with his usual no-nonsense approach. Most useful:…

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Gone Fishin’

I'm sneaking up to the coast of Maine to swim in the icy water (really!) and hang out for a week. So nothing new till after the 4th of July. Seeya.

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Map of the blogosphere

In case you're wondering… click here to see a graphical depiction of the blogosphere. In other words, a map of the A-list bloggers. And specifically, those whose blogging has an impact on mainstream media. The four points of the compass on this map are: blogging / journalism /…

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How Often To Blog?

Hmm… good question. Just as there are best practices for how often to send an e-newsletter (monthly is a good bet), so is there an etiquette for how often to blog.

I've been reading up on this as well as scouting around to look at the date stamps…

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More on B-Blogs

My friend and colleague Rebecca Lieb has got it spot on in her ClickZ column today. Rebecca is executive editor of's Interactive Marketing channel (which includes ClickZ) so she's not a distinterested party to the concept of B (for business) blogging.

ClickZ was the sponsor of…

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Dealing With Myanmar’s Dictators

OK, it's obvious I have a new addiction. First it was email (still is; spend way too much time on it). Now it's blogging. Last post for today…

Eammon Fitzgerald writes intelligently on how we (the U.S.) should be dealing with the military dictatorship that has Burma…

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New Conference Etiquette

Two things you should know if you're planning to attend an Internet-related conference any time soon.

1) Bring your laptop with WiFi (wireless Internet) card so you can post to your blog, IM (instant message) and heckle the panelists and speakers with your smart comments – all in…

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