Linchpins, Lizard Brains and Lying to Yourself

It’s one thing to be Tweeting and obsessively checking your email in order to procrastinate about a writing project. It’s yet another to find yourself cleaning the toilet. The lizard brain, as Seth Godin calls it in his new book, read more

Make Art, Not Work Says Seth Godin in #Linchpin

I’m sitting in Haft Auditorium on W. 27th street in NYC, listening to Seth Godin talk about his new book. He’s great today. One of the best presentations I’ve seen him do. He’s very focused, driven, so eager to convey his message to…

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There Has Always Been a River of Information

We’ve always struggled with too much information and news to absorb, someone pointed out to me today. Those Newsweeks and TIMEs and Fortunes and (remember?) LIFE magazines used to stack up, not to mention daily newspapers. It’s always been hard to keep up. Funny, if you think about it. Because…

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